Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl: Day Three (Lip Balm)

Hello all, 

Welcome to day three of the Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl. 

Today we are all looking at Lip Balms! 

I chose Zoella Beauty's Kissy Missy Lip Balm 

As you know I reviewed one of her products yesterday and it's just luck of the draw that these two product categories would fall next to each other in the schedule. 

So this product is a Lip Balm but also a Lip tint as well.

See below how I have rated it:

This is a neat little product. Small and compact and a two in one. 

The pink tint is quite noticeable so you need to be careful not to apply too much at once! 

However, the lip balm side of the product lets it down a little as the effect wears off quite quickly but the colour remains. So basically you will be tempted to reapply but you'll still have very bright lips haha! 

It a nice little product to slip into a stocking and I definitely will repurchase. 

You can see which product Beth has reviewed over at La Blog Beauté

Remember that you can search the Hashtag #bxbeautybrawl on Twitter and FB 

Until tomorrow guys!


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