Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl: Day Seven and Eight (Brows and Mascara)

Hello all, 

Welcome to day Seven and Eight of the Blogger's Christmas Beauty Brawl. 

I need to catch up with yesterday as I didn't write the post for my Brow Product. 

So today we are all looking at Brows & Mascara! 

I chose Barry M's ShowGirl Extra Volume Black Mascara & MUA's Black Brow Pencil. 

I will start with both Top Trumps Cards: 

Firstly, the Mascara, I chose Barry M because it is a brand that I have come to love and trust. I thought that I had never tried this edition of this product so I thought I'd take advantage of their deals that they had on. 

The product is in a really nice Rose Gold metal tube. I prefer these mascaras as the brush is nice and firm ( I have heavy eyelashes) 

It is waterproof - a fact that I find to be a god send. I do find that I need to apply several coats to achieve the desired effect. 

It's a nice little purchase if you are looking for a mascara for the day to day. 

Next I chose MUAs Black Brow pencil. 

I'm not usually one to use such products as my eyebrows are naturally quite thick but I thought for the  beauty brawl that I would try it out. 

Firstly I love that it has a little brush on the end so you can organise what is already there and then you can begin to build. 

The pencil was only a couple of pound so you can allow the fact that the product isn't the longest lasting. 

It's a neat product if you want to experiment

You can see which product Beth has reviewed over at La Blog Beauté

Remember that you can search the Hashtag #bxbeautybrawl on Twitter and FB 

Until tomorrow guys!


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