Christmas 2015 / A return after the Christmas Break

Hello everyboddddddyyyyyyy! 

I hope that you all had a fantastic Christmas! 

Ruldolph is currently resting on my window sill 

Ours was filled with Food, Family and Festive Cheer. Also I think that the Cats had more than their fair share of Turkey and Pigs in Blankets (bacon wrapped Sausage for those of you outside the UK) 

Its that time for me to return to Hideaway from under the blankets and away from the snack food and its time to try to start to somewhat get back to normal before the end of the year. 

I had so many posts that I wanted to get out before the 25th, but due to workload and the amount of generous offers that I received it wasn't achievable. This was all while working a full time job and getting my family ready for Christmas.

I think that the earlier part of this month has taught me that I need to be more realistic with what I can actually juggle vs what I hope I can. 

Also its kind of been nice to have a quieter phone that isn't being set off by social media every 5 minutes haha. I'm not complaining but sometimes quiet is nice :P 

But that being said, I thought that the Beauty Bloggers Christmas Brawl was a lovely way to lead into the Christmas break as it gave me a daily focus and it was something that I loved doing. 

You can still search the hashtag #bxbeautybrawl on Insta, Twitter and Facebook to read all of the posts that the other blogger have written! 

All the days are linked below:

I thought that for this post instead of telling you what I've been up to at Christmas in graphic detail. That I would post pictures as they speak 1000 words 

Chrostmas Food: 

A preview of my Christmas Cake (there will be a post on this, my mice pies and my Chocolate house :) )

Christmas Decorations: 

Before the Christmas is over I shall do a little video and post on my decorations :)

Christmas Beauty: 

A Barry M Event all through out..... (There will be a load of posts featuring my beauty products as I've been spolit over Christmas) 

Christmas fashion: 

( I modelled four different jumpers over Christmas week and also my Christmas Pud hat!)

(There will be a separate post on this....) 

Cat activity 

Not much as you can see they had wayyyyyyy too much food! 

I will be writing a December favourites and filming it at some point in the week and I have aload of empties to share with you all! I have some film reviews also to share (in the heart of the sea and Star wars) and some Gaming reviews. I will also be sharing some recipes.... but more on that later. 

But for now enjoy the below and I'll check in with you all tomorrow 



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hyyperlic said…
Seems like you had a nice Christmas! ;)

Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog
narcissielabar said…
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