December / 2015 Blog Review

Hello all, 

So here we are, about to close the door on 2015 and the opening of 2016....

I am about to go out with my other half for a meal to ring the year out with. 

 I always find this time of year a brilliant but also a crushing one. 

You realise that in January of the year you were so full of hope but you didn't get half the stuff done that you thought you would. 

But what I think is very important to remember is that you are a different person to the start of the year there is only so much that you can foresee. 

For myself, one of the biggest things that I could not forsee is that I would get the courage to put my thoughts and ideas into a blog and that I would be brave enough to share that blog with the big wide world. 

Hideaway was something that I rethought and rethought, over and over again, until I just crossed my fingers and pressed the publish button. 

It's weird to be writing a year review as the blog hasn't been live for a year buttttt it is a good way to see how it has changed things in my life. 

Hideaway went live on the 9th May 2015. Since then I have met some incredible people, I have been invited to events in my home town and I have been lucky to have won some award and prizes. 

I'm not really a stat person.... but these are the figures as they stand: 

§ 1030 followers on Bloglovin
§12500 views / reads 
§35 subs on youtube 
§ 690 followers on twitter 
§ five awards 

I could go on and on. But for me the numbers don't matter. I love the interaction the blog brings with you guys. I sat earlier, just appreciating and replying to comments on here, twitter DM, Insta and Tumblr. I love hearing your thoughts on the things I have decided to write about and review. 

I have had some comments saying that I am an inspration and I have encouraged you to change things in your life or even try new things. Comments like this make me feel slightly unworthy... but if they are true... if I have helped you in anyway..... I love that. 

I like the thought that words can help and make you feel better about a situation. I took a massive gamble and was vocal about my anxiety, depression and some personal experiences that I have been through. Lucky you are nothing but nice.

I have had a handful of hateful comments, but they are from people in the past..... so I know why they are saying it. The positive outweighs the negative. 

I guess what I am trying to say.... in a long way.... is Thanks for reading. I am going to link all the month;s reviews below so you can enjoy them again and you will probably see how the writing of the blog has changed.... I would like to think that I've learnt some things along the way.  I will include a couple from this month

I would like to just say, I am always up to offers for product reviews and collabs. All my contact details are below and my email is in the contact me tab :)

I will post tomorrow with my personal resolutions 

Let me know what you are up to tonight and what you achieved in 2015 (it can be anything as long as you are proud of it :) )




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