Lush Festive Haul and Body Shop Peppermint Foot Lotion review

Hello all on this rainy evening, 

I hope you are all keeping warm and dry (if you are in the UK like me)! 

Today has been a rather long one, its felt for the first time that work is dragging and the nights are getting longer and longer....

It feels as though Winter is coming quicker than expected. 

With Winter comes lovely baths. 

You may recall that on Friday I went shopping in the Black Friday sales. One of the main places I stopped was Lush 

I was overjoyed to see that all the lovely winter range is out. 

I thought that I would share what I picked up here. Firstly can we please take a moment to appreciate how colourful the bags are now. 

If we take the bombs from left to right, we first have the rather large and in charge bath bomb that looks like it should be in Guardians of the galaxy. Its called the Experimenter. The colours are in different places on each bomb and when you run the bomb under water all the colours come to life and mix. This is a repurchase.... I love it 

Next to this is the Snow angel bath Melt. I bought this for Luke as his foot is currently in need of some TLC.  Bath Melts really help in resting up his foot. It smells incredible. I am a little jealous as I have yet to try this one. I will report back with his feedback :)

To the right of this is the Chrismas Pudding shaped bubble bar that is entitled Holly Golightly. This is one of the larger bubble bars. So potientally this could last many visits to the bath. It is also covered in glitter so it could be a good one to use before a night out. Again I am excited for this one as I haven't used it before. 

And finally on the front row we have Luke's favourite of all time: the Floating Island Bath Melt. I was a little worried as I was told a little while back that this was getting discontinued. I love this one as well as Luke as it leaves you feeling so relaxed with soft skin! Its good on a cold night. 

And finally.... 

I thought that I would do a little product review. 

This little bad boy is a little life saver. Its also a little festive as it has a peppermint scent. This is the Peppermint Foot Lotion from the Body Shop.  It's a good one to use if you have been on your feet all day ( I used to use it religiously when I was a manager at McDonalds).  It is also one that I use on Lukes feet after he has a basketball match. 

Its acts immediately to cool the foot down and then you can feel it reacting to slightly numb the foot. 

It then softens the skins and leaves your foot feeling and smelling incredible. This is a product that I used on Friday after my boots starting rubbing my feet during the sales. 

The bottle gives you a decent amount and lasts for quite a while which is always good.  A benefit is that it only cost £3 

It has my stamp of approval... which is really good as normally as I don't like the strong minty smells.

So thats it for tonight.... a bumper beauty post 

Let me know if you have used any of these or what your favourites of the moment are! 



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Unknown said…
I love lush although I have only used their skincare products so far. I need to give this one a try.
Becky Russell said…
Their bath stuff is so relaxing and 9/10 the smell is incredible. Definitely worth a purchase if you are looking for a treat for yourself :)

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