Review: Zoella beauty : let's spritz body mist & Social Media

Hello Beautiful people. 

For some reason my key board is covered in Glitter. I think is due to my previous blog post in which I reviewed some beauty products from Lush.

Oh well 

I have just come back from an event that I am covering for Hideaway. I was invited to attend a Christmas fair which was full of products from Local food retailers from Northampton (which is where I am from) 

I was lucky enough to have met some Lovely people so I will be uploading that post tomorrow when I have had time to write it :)

Today is a busy day because after covering the fayre, I will be off to go and see family later on. Its all go around Christmas time :) 

I thought in the couple of hours that I have off that I would finish a beauty post that I started yesterday but did not finish...

I recently picked up the below product in a 3 for 2 deal in Superdrug and it is one that has become my  staple scent for the last week. 

It is Zoella Beauty's Let's Spritz Body Mist! 

I'm going to be honest here..... When I see products that have come from a Youtuber, I feel slightly apprehensive. Simply because I worry that they have been mass produced so they are going to be borderline ok. I am happy that this has proved me wrong.

The scent is pleasant and it is light (as it is a body mist). It is also affordable (I believe that it is around five pound) which is a massive plus for everyone. Again there is a worry that when someone famous puts their name to everything that they are going to charge a lot for something that normally wwould be minimal. 

I love the design of the bottle, lace at the back with a green top and font. It actually matches my current nail varnish.  It also looks really nice on my perfume shelf. 

I can see myself repurchasing when this runs out.  I think that its going to make a neat little stocking filler for those in your life. 

I will also be reviewing Zoe's Body Lotion and Lip balm as part of a Christmas Beauty Blogger collaboration. But more on that later.....shhhhh

I thought that I would end the blog post by talking about something that is becoming a slight issue for me. 

I run the blog on a few different websites.... Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Bloglovin and Instagram. 

Now I love reaching people on different websites, I am open and honest with you on all of them except one... which is my personal Facebook account. 

I have a separate page for the blog. Whereas, on all the others, I accept peoples requests and will always follow people back this is the one that I won't. I like to keep some stuff private.

I got freaked out the other day when someone messaged me on Twitter and they knew personal stuff like my parent's names and things that I had not mentioned on the blog.  They had obviously got it from my private Facebook account. 

I therefore decided that I would revamp all the blog's social media pages and lock down my personal page.  I'm not going to use it to promote the blog anymore just to be safe. 

I hope you can all understand why I have done this. I love speaking to you all but somethings should stay personal :)

All the pages are linked below. 

But sure to add them and I will follow back 


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