That Healthy Festive Struggle

Hello all, 

As you can tell from my thrilled face below, today was back to work for me. 

Also I don't know about you all, but Christmas has left me feeling a little....... large and in charge? 

As you will know if you read the blog a lot, I like to write about the real struggles that I find myself going through as a girl and as a general human.

I think that over the festive period that it is only natural that people put on a little bit more weight than they usually would. 

After all.... it's cold outside and you kind of move around less and eat more as its a social activity and also can be due to boredom. 

Even though I tried to be good, I myself feel like a little inflated ball. 

However in reality I actually only put on a single pound... I just feel massively bloated. 

I thought that I would share a few things that I've been trying to do to try and combat the podge over December and what I hope to carry on into the new year ( as I have a marathon coming up) 

Firstly - cut back on the fizzy drinks. These a massive weakness of mine. As I don't really drink booze I find myself leaning on the Coca Cola and Dr Pepper when I am out and I find myself going through a massive amount of bottles at home. It didn't really hit me till I saw them all lined up after a weeks consumption. 

Therefore , I have imposed a couple of rules on myself - no fizzy till after 1pm and no fizzy after 10pm (thus giving myself time to drink a lot of water and squash beforehand, meaning I'm less likely to down the bad stuff) . 

Basically I also noticed that  I would also go to bed with a glass of fizzy next to my bed, drink it through out the night and wake up with a stomach ache and feeling really dehydrated. 

Secondly - try and sneak Vegetables and fruits in as simple substitutes whenever possible. 

This one is rather interesting...basically I posted the below picture on Instagram and Twitter (on the blogs pages) and it immediately got 30 likes on both.... people were praising the choice and that someone was speaking up on behalf of fruit.....

Now I didn't think that I was actually doing that.... I thought I was just doing a cheeky Insta of my lunch but it did make me think. People are quick to insta big plates of food over Christmas and insta pictures of crazy deserts for likes but people apparently if you want people to notice you put some pictures up of fruit....

Now I've kinda gone off of point here but basically what I have been doing is subbing fruit in for Breakfast and also as a replacement for chocolate at lunch. I'll just prepare a box and munch on it at Lunch. 

Also for dinner, I have just received a game changing gadget. My mother loving bought us a slow cooker. These bad boys are just amazing. You can throw any old thing in there and it will make it into something beautiful whilst you are at work. 

For our first two meals I managed to feature the following : 

For Stew - I had... Carrots, Broccoli, Garden Peas, Bell Peppers, Red Onions and Potatoes (on the side) 

For Chilli - I had - Kidney Beans, Tomatos, Bell Peppers & Onion 

Now I'm not going to lie and say every meal I eat from now on is going to be as filled as the ones above, but I'm certainly going to make an effort to build on these meals 

Thirdly - Eat out less. A simple one that will save money and also help overall health. 

Lastly - I am a strong believer that you need the odd cheat day / reward day. Otherwise you have nothing to look forward to and are less likely to say on track! 

I hope some of the above ideas might have helped if you are feeling a tad icky at the moment. 

I personally will be avoiding the scales till Jan 1st. 

 I actually think my last point should be this: I've found that weighing yourself is not always accurate of progress. I think that it should be about how you feel in your clothes, health and skin. Don't be defined by a number, its honestly not worth it. If you are comfortable then that is all that matters! 

Let me know if you are on a health kick or are making some subs of your own! 



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Emily Maltby said…
For a Christmas I had literally fruit and water most of the day and everyone else had alcohol and junk food. It actually makes me feel quite proud. This is a great blog and post! Xx
Becky Russell said…
I wish that I had eaten that. I felt bloated for ages. I think that I am back to normal now :)

Thank you for your kind words :)


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