A few Life and Blog updates (feat Vlog)

Hello all, 

A little update from me....

Firstly, I filmed a little vlog for the Youtube Channel :) . 

It's only a short one to get me back into Youtube. When it is uploaded I shall post it in this post. I aim to post two videos a week, so that the content is fresh and consistent :)

EDIT: Vlog is below :) 

I filmed the last of my Christmas decorations, I'm having a little trouble in giving up on the festive period this year. I have no idea why, just I must have had a really good time. 

This well also be the last Christmas Post on Hideaway and the new content will all be 2016 centric :)

I will also be changing the layout of the blog and the matching social media pages shortly. 

Finally a few life updates. 

1) I am FINALLY replacing my 15 year old Ford KA car. I shall up upgrading in February. I feel like this will be a good change as my current car is really showing its age with its noises and its squeaks

2) I finish Uni in three weeks. I'm rather nervous and excited.  Six years will be coming to an end. This is the first time that I don't have a plan for my direction in life. I do know that having this blog is soothing in a way as I can channel my energy. We are hoping to move soon. So watch this space 

3) I'd like to start looking for a job in which I can use my two history degrees in. Again watch this space

Thanks for reading... I think sometimes its good todo post like this for clarity 


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Julie Ly said…
Look forward to seeing your new layout. Will check out your vlog now. xx

Becky Russell said…
Thank you beaut xx

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