UPDATED December Favourites


So it's that time in which I reveal my favourites from the previous month.

There will be a video filmed to relate to this post tomorrow :) 

EDIT: here it is 

I've struggled with December's as I have found alot of products that I want to write about but I need to cut them for time. I will try to write reviews for as many products as I can before it becomes too repetitive and boring, haha. 

Due to how spoilt I was at Christmas, I'm sure that the January Favourites will also be just as packed and that there will be many empires posts 

I'll start with the beauty favourites 


Favourite Skin Care product

This is the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter. I got this as part of a massive gift set at Christmas. I have always been a fan of Soap and Glory as I think their products give off an air of fun, just from their names alone. 

for example this isn't just body butter its righteous butter and its in a nice pink tub. 

I tried this last week, now my face gets really really sore this time of year (due to the cold weather and wind) and I could immediately feel it working.

It's cooled my irritated skin down nicely and has made it really smooth, it also has worked wonders with my hands. 

Favourite Lip Product 

Excuse the picture, I forgot to take one .....

But I am a massive fan of the Mint Chocolate Baby Lips by Maybeline (on the far right). I was gifted the below set for Christmas also. I haven't tried the other two yet ( I believe one is sugar cookie and the other is some form of cherry).  

It has a light pink tint and also my lips have never been softer, there is a cute little Christmas design on the tubes so they may be limited edition. 

I would 100 % pick them up before they disappear. 

Favourite  Bath Product: 

The Christmas Pudding Bubble Bar. 

I love the smell of it - it smells just like the inside of the pudding, nice and rich. 

It's rather large, so I only used half. This is a great little way to save money as I think that with the size of this one that you can probably split it into 1/4s 

It makes the bath all green and glittery. 

It makes me rather sad that they aren't around anymore due to being festive bubble bars.  

Favourite Scent 

Zoella beauty's Let's Spritz 

I've been wearing this body mist for the last couple of weeks.  I keep it handy in my handbag as its just about the right size. 

It's nice and light and the price is reasonable. I think that I will either repurchase or try her other scent first. 

It's a neat little design on the bottle as well so it looks nice on the dresser :) 


Current Music Choice

Everything and anything Christmassy. My all time favourite is Stop the Calvary by Jona Lewe

That an my addiction to Michael Buble is back. His voice is so rich and smooth to the ear.... kinda like coffee? I like Coffee 

Favourite Game

I've decided to include games as they are a massive passion of mine. 

This months choice is an old faithful : The Sims 4 

I love this game. I love how creative it is and I love how you can do pretty much anything on it. 

The only problem is one does not simply play it everyday... one goes on a couple of days binge and then leaves it for like 2 years and then goes back to it haha. 

It's a neat little PC game if you want something that will keep your attention for a fair while 

I will be writing another post about this game shortly as there are so many stories to tell from it (and glitches to share)

Favourite Movie: 

Without a doubt.... ELF.


Enough said.... 

I'm rather curious to try spaghetti , marshmallows and chocolate sauce. 

I refuse to ruin this film so GO WATCH IT and then let me know what you think :D

Favourite TV show

This is a hard category as there is always a lot of great telly on at this time of year... Everyone pulls out the big guns. 

I therefore asked myself, what show do I love watching over and over again? What do I look forward to day and day out?

The answer is simple: Bob's Burgers. 

Those of you that know me, know that  I love animated adult comedy... because of the format they can go a little crazy that real life action comedy. 

There are three reasons that I watch the show : that is the three kids.... I don't really watch it for Linda and Bob. 

The kids all have strange personalities... Tina, the eldest (who is voiced by a man) is at that awkward 15 year old stage, but she is rather creepy. 

Jean is the only son and is extremely strange and socially awkward.... I think my favourite episode is the one with his snake song in it.....

Louise is my favourite just because for an eight year old she is exceptionally dark. 

Thats it for now, as I said I will be recording a video to go with this post :) 

Let me know if you like any of the above...



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