Dissertation part three : My own motivation is killing me

Hello all, 

I thought I would write about a situation that is effecting alot of University Students at the moment. 

That dreaded dissertation / essay writing. I've been writing my dissertation for a year and it is due in three weeks.

 I think I speak for everyone that is returning to Uni this week and next with one word. Nope 

Essay writing at the moment is a big nope.  Thinking about the deep concepts and the debates is a big nope. 

Especially with a full time job it just seems an impossible task. 

I have written two other posts on the subject here:

I tried to motivate myself earlier. Telling myself that in three weeks it will feel amazing and I will have that warm glowing feeling. 

To be honest with you reader, I'm terrified. I feel like for the first time I have no clue whats going to happen next.... I've been in education for 20 years.

I then remembered that I am only 24 and to chill out. I've got plenty to get through,... first house, marriage, kids... or if all else fails..... winging it. 

I then remembered that I filmed a Vlog on the subject of motivation and then I realised how annoying I am ahaha and that I need to take my own advice.

I'll get there as will the rest of you.......

I cannot wait to be free....

Sorry for a moaning post, but I like to be truthful with whats going on

Any positive vibes are really appreciated. 



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Holly said…
I know exactly how this feels 😭 My dissertation is due the day after my birthday and I just want to be free!
Becky Russell said…
I'm at the stage in which I am working out the mininimum that I need to scrape to pass 😩. I fell for you but at least you will have two reasons to celebrate! X

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