UPDATED :Getting Organised

Hello all, 

A smaller blog post tonight as there is currently a Vlog uploading for your viewing pleasure! 

I have just finished filming my Lastest Favourites video 

Here is a cheeky preview. I have been experimenting with the background that I have in the video. This background features the flowers that Luke randomly bought me in the week. 

I'm glad that I seem to have found an easy rhythm to slip back into as I really enjoy making videos 

This brings me to the subject of my latest post. Getting organised. 

I used to hate conforming to a timetable and a set plan when I was in my teens, however as I have become an adult I have found it impossible to live with a list or a plan. 

I literally plan my days... down to the hour. I like to know what I am doing when and I plan my meals for everyday. 

I feel like if I lost control, mentally I couldn't deal with it and I definitely wouldn't be able to balance a full time job, exercise, Blogging / logging and Uni all at the same time. 

I like to think I haven't become boring, I like to think that I have become smarter with my time.

Anyway, as soon as the Video is up I shall post it here! 

Edit : here it is 

Let me know what you are all up to :) 



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