It's Finally happened / January budget

Helllloooooo all, 

So after days of battling and battling, my aforementioned December's Favourites Vlog has FINALLY fully uploaded. 

You can check it out below: 

Make sure you watch right till the end for the announcement! 

I thought for the main bulk of this post, I would write about something that I know is affecting a lot of you out there : The dreaded January budget. 

Christmas was a beautiful time as was New year.... Presents, fun, going out etc etc, but this always leaves January looking like the bad guy. 

The conversation goes a little like this:

Me : I'd really like a little treat, going back to work is a nightmare after time off

January : Bro, I mean you could but its either that or food

Me : Like for real? 

January : You may have budgeted but I still win

*hears Christmas laughing in an evil tone in the background*

A little extreme but I'm sure that you can grasp the message that I'm trying to share.....

Despite best intentions, Luke and I are feeling the pinch this month.... I don't think that it helps that the last bulk of my student fees went out just after Christmas. 

I have found a few tips that have helped me to curb the spending cravings: 

1) Cycle through beauty and makeup products - Sounds really simple, but unless you rifle through all the draws and pull everything out how will you really know what you have? 

Through doing this I have gone six weeks without buy any new products (except for the Beauty Brawl items)!

This includes everything btw including finishing off Shampoo bottle and conditioner! It's worth a shot.... I found this works best with nail varnish ;) 

2) Plan a treat for payday - Not a massive one mind you as you could be back at square one.... but it gives you something to really look forward to. I think my treat will be a quick whip round Lush.....

3) Get reintroduced to old DVDs and Games.....Again simple but you might find yourself with a little gem that you forgot about. If you are like me and have 10000 games and 10000 DVDS then you'll survive quite easily to Jan! 

4) Invite people round rather than going out .... simple and cheaper...also you don't have to miss out on your social life. You could be really clever and ask them to bring food and drink ; )

Finally - Stuck with what to wear? Cycle through old clothes.... have a clear out.....find some hidden treasures, all ready for the Spring :) 

The above are just some ideas on how to save money / occupy your time! 

Let me know what you are doing to make January bearable

Also - I shall be filming and writing a Q and A post in the next couple of weeks - Any questions.... leave them below :D



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