New Years Eve style, adventures and Resolutions

Hello all you Hider awayers

(I'm still trying to come up with a cute name for you all that read the blog and failing miserably) 


As you should all be aware, we waved goodbye to 2015 and say Hello .... It's meeeee to 2016 

Excuse my Random Adele References....

So I thought I would share with you my adventures from last night. 

Despite thinking for the past two weeks that we were going to have a quiet one in... Luke took me out to dinner. 

It was our anniversary on the 27th so it was a little treat from him. 

Therefore it was kinda expected that I needed to make an effort soon I dressed up in this little number below: 

Forever getting photobombed by cats 

Its a little lacy blue dress that I was given for my Mother's wedding last June. Its on the borderline of fancy and casual so I figured that it would be ok to go out in. Its comes just above the knee and has a little petticoat under the main dress. 

 Also its fairly warm as last night it was rather stormy and windy :( . 

As it was a gift, I can't tell you exactly where it is from. However I can take you through my makeup look and show you my shoes : )

Kinda wish that I had taken a few more pictures closer up 

So my makeup is from the following : Foundation - Dream Matte Mousse (Maybeline)
Blush- Barry M (from the Smokey Eye Palette)
Powder : Matte effect from Maybeline
Mascara : Showgirl by Barry M in Black 
Eyeliner : Liquid - Precise Eyeliner from Rimmel 
Eyeshadow : Natural Palette by Barry M 
Lipstick : Red - Barry M - covered over by vaseline for an extra shine and hold 

My shoes are from New Look, you can't really tell from the picture but they are a pastel pink kind of colour. They are high up but really comfy. 

To finish the look I had some simple Diamond earrings in, a simple silver bangle and two rings. 

Finally a few pictures from the night : 

My Love and I (yes he is rocking a bowtie from River Island) 

So for Dinner we went to the Smoke Pit in Northampton. It was my first visit to it since it opened earlier in the year. 

I had the nicest burger. It's call the dirty burger and it has a beef burger, cover in bacon, Ketchup, mustard, cheese and pickled onion in it. Yes you read right, Pickled Onion... it's sounds like it should work, but it realllllyyyyy does. 


I could eat 1000 of these bad boys 

So after that we stumbled home and saw the new year in. We aren't massive party animals, and with my anxiety I find it difficult to relax in clubs due to tight spaces and what not. 

I did enough partying at uni to know that I'm not really missing out. 

So the next subject of this post inevitably is that of resolutions:

All over Facebook, all I see is new year and new me. 

Now fair play to you if you can stick to  all the changes that you are going to try to make, but if you are trying to change too much at once then you're making it too difficult for yourself. 

I instead set goals... then I know what I'm working towards rather than a broader target of (for example) I wanna be healthier. This is too broad to measure.

My targets are below 

Blog targets: 

To blog four times a week (allowing for three days off)
To post Videos twice a week


To Graduate University this year 

To Move out of the flat that I currently live in

To Buy a new car in February (my car is currently 15 years old and holding on by a thread...)

To make sure that I have one piece of fruit in every meal (or as many as possible)

To run my marathon in March and complete the training and diet to the best of my ability

Those are my targets. 

Let me know what you think and what you want to achieve this year : )

Until next time 


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