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Hello beautiful people, 

I hope that you are all well and that you are all keeping warm on this rather cold night. 

I'm rather happy this evening as I have a complete day off from my training regime (I am on a training plan and I am also doing other activities such as the squat challenge that I have previously posted about) 

Last night, I was out sprinting in the bitter cold.... It will all be worth it in the end.... as they say summer bodies are made in winter. 

I thought that I would post a few pictures from the journey so far....

A typical breakfast or Lunchtime meal 

Every morning starts with a glass of Fruit Juice 

This brings me to one of my frequently asked questions : what do I wear to run in? 

This is a very good question, due to the weather conditions in the UK and the temperature, I find it hard to plan. 

I have found that just wearing my Jack Willis Hoody and my LA Gear sports bra keeps me warm but allows me to cool at the same time.

You'll notice that I am rocking some lovely little mittens as well (need to think of the hands) 

 I complete the outfit with my LA gear 3/4 bottoms and my black Addidas trainers (with odd socks aha ) 

I got to think though: What would I be wearing if the weather was a little better? 

I went over to to put together a simple but stylish Spring outfit....

Starting with the Legs: 

I love these Monreal London Blue 'below the knee' Leggings. I love the electric blue as it stands out and also the material and length of the piece means that you can breathe but not be too cold when working out. 


I have gone for the DKNY Diamond Pattern racerback style cropped top. I find that a darker colour on top is better when working out due to sweat but that doesn't mean that it can't be fun....I love the design on the shoulders. Fun but functional ;) 

Over this I would put this long vest top from The Row. I think it is very important not to work out in anything that is too tight.

Feet : 

I have gone for these Addidas trainers with the little pink flower design on them. I feel that the pink complements the blue nicely and well as fitting with the black on the top and on the main part of the shoe. I think it is alway important to try and put a bit of colour in your outfit when possible! 

I hope you liked these choices that that you are sticking to your new years resolutions! 

Let me know what you think to the post! 



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Alyspace said…
I reaaaaaaally need to get healthier but it is just so hard!

A |
Becky Russell said…
I think that it is really hard to start but you will be glad you did :) x

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