UPDATED That Pesky Youtube and Eight months Blogging/ An exciting announcement

Hello all, 

Lots of things going on in the title of this post....

So First things first....

I thought that I had successfully uploaded my Decembers Favourite Vlog on Friday

Oh boy was I wrong.... those of you that are familiar with Youtube will know that she is a rather harsh mistress. 

I'm actually gutted because, this is the first video that I've done in a long time that I feel really good about. 

I feel like I was able to completely relax during filming and that even the background of the Vlog was on point. Probably because I was talking about myself ahaha. 

I am currently uploading it for a second time. Once again I shall update this post with the Vlog if it actually decides to work this time.....*shakes fist*

EDIT: It worked, oh golly

You can always check out the written version of the Vlog on this post : ) - December Favourites

Second item on the agenda - Today is Hideaway's eight month anniversary. Oh yes, I actually managed to post it on the 9th this month (check me out) 

I've noticed that this month the blog has really taken off ( I reached 1000 subscribers in December which is a crazy amount) and the numbers are continuing to grow. The social media pages are really taking off as well and I am beyond grateful. 

I love you all and I mean that, I know that the future is impossible to predict.... I may annoy you all or you might find a different blog that you like more... but if you stick around then I'm sure I will keep finding things to write about!

I think that I will do a quiz post tomorrow to celebrate, I love doing them but for some reason I haven't done one for monthsss


as I don't want you to miss out on the exciting announcement that I made on Youtube.... I have some news....

SO .....

Basically, I decided that attempting to run in one race apparently wasn't good enough... So as well as running the Suffering race (info is on this post here) but I decided that I am also going to run the Tough Mudder Race as well. 

The tough mudder is along the same lines ( a 5K race with 12 obstacles in it) 

This is with other people from work so I am finding it easier to motivate myself for than the Suffering because that is with people that are outside of my day to day life. 

I think having people there daily with remind me to stick to the healthy route and to keep training. 

We shall be doing this race as a team so I am unsure as to how we will collect sponsorship (if you decide that you want to sponsor me that is....

We are running on behalf of Children in need ( I did some volunteering in November for them also and you can read about that on this post here)

Time to get fit and healthy! 

I shall keep you updated with the fitness journey. 

I can already feel my healthy changes working (pick up my tips here)

Bit of a bumper post for you all! 

Let me know if you are on the fitness hype at the moment....




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Unknown said…
The tough mudder is meant to be AMAZING, I'd love to do one of them! Please post about it after as well and tell us how it was :) Congratulations for hitting 1,000 - fantastic news!
Lucy xoxo
Jemima said…
My blog is 8 months on Monday and I have also noticed a sudden increase in followers, comments and views recently. It's so nice that people are reading my content! Good luck with your blog and with YouTube - you're going to be amazing!

Jemima x
Lauren said…
So glad I found your blog - congrats on the growing numbers!
I'm definitely a part of the fitness hype! Good luck on the run - it sounds like a lot of fun! The only interesting 5K I've done was the Zombie run! Haha. Hoping to see the actual vlog soon! Keep up the great work! xx
Becky Russell said…
Thank you all for your lovely comments. I will make sure that I report back on the Tough Mudder :) I know its going to be a challenge but I'm ready for it... Its a good excuse to get fit :)

And I still find it crazy that people want to read my blog... Good luck to you all. I hope you stick around :)

As for the Vlog. I'M STILL fighting Youtube #shootme

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