The Body Confidence Series - A tribute to David Bowie

Hello all, 

As many of you out there, I was shocked to hear that Music and Fashion Icon David Bowie had passed away at the age of 69 

Even down to his eye colour he was unique....

Even from a young age, I was very aware of who he was. I was born in the Early 90s and my parents both used to blast 70s and 80s music in the car when I was small and his music is some that I picked up on. 

When I moved out I have made sure that I had copied my mother's greatest hits Album along with Michael Jackson's to my iTunes Library (sorry mum)

However as a small child, I had no idea of his cultural impact and how he challenged the perceived norms of Masculinity. I was however a teeny bit scared of him as he freaked me out in the film Labyrinth

I've been humming Fashion all day at my desk.... Turn to the lefttttttt .... ohhh fashion.... Turn to the right

I think that alot of the things that we take for granted in music today came from a daring Bowie. 

A legend in his time and never forgotten. I think the main thing that has come out of today is what a nice guy he was. A true Brit to the end as well...

I am honoured to dedicate the theme of this post to him.

One theme that has really affected me today, again is the issue of Body Confidence and coincidentally .. this is something that Bowie stood for... to be yourself no matter what others think. 

I have previously written a series of posts on this blog about body confidence (you can check them out on this link here and I have recorded the below Vlogs

To sum up (as this is an important issue to me):

You are Beautiful no matter what.... you don't need to be validated by what others think. A beautiful smile and a beautiful soul is something that shines through....

A size does not define you... as long as you are comfortable in yourself and you are healthy then who cares what others think? 

Be unique.... cos being the same is boring

Have fun.... you only have one life to lead...

I would like to take this time to reintroduce the blogger / Vlogger confidence challenge.... pick out three things that you love about yourself and write them below....

They can be anything! 

Here are mine: 

1)My eyes - they change colour from Blue to grey to Green (their current colour). I'm unsure if this is down to weather, light or even mood but I like that they are unpredictable.

2) My sense of humour - it can get me into trouble.... but I tend to find humour quite easily in the world and I am easily amused.... I love making others around me smile and laugh 

3 ) My stubborn nature - this can be a double edge sword... but it means that once I put my mind to something I normally see it through.... apparently this is a common Leo trait....

Thanks and RIP you legend 


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Unknown said…
Labyrinth is one of my fave films & has been since my childhood. It still shocks me that he has moved on. He will be missed <3
Becky Russell said…
I think that it's terribly sad :( x

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