Winter empties / an Insta update

Hello all, 

Firstly , I thought that I would share a few images from my week on Instagram 

I take a picture a day just to give you a little behind the scenes look of the blog and the blogger

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My back to Work Face 

My bracelet that was a lovely present from my Mum

Luke Bought me Flowers just to see me smile :) 

My Victoria Secret's Tote is my current go to. 

Secondly , I've decided to brave the pile of empties that I've been saving from the Autumn. 

I make sure that I don't throw anything away before I have written one of these posts and filmed a Vlog. 

There are more in this post as I decided to have a massive beauty product rotation, I found that there was stuff that was sitting in the draw from the start of the year.

 This had lead to me finding things / falling back in love with products that I has forgotten about. 

I aslo have the cheeky bonus of having some free space in my draw. 

However with Christmas, I now have alot of Products lining the Bath (from Bath bombs to bubble bath to shower gels to body washes) . I'm set till next Christmas at least....

There will be a Vlog filmed with this these products shortly, I shall Update the post when it is done ;) 

Hair Products:

I have been using the Tresemme Cleanse and Replenish Shampoo and conditioner. I love how silky my hair feels after using this.  It's a 900 ML bottle and this has almost lasted me a month so the size is good value for money (considering how many washes you get out of it and it is both shampoo and conditioner). 

I have always loved the Tresemme Range, however I can find that the cost can be off putting. But I try and tell myself that my hair is something that I wear every day, therefore it is ok to splash out just a little. 

The second hair care product that is featured is Aussie's 3 Minute Miracle Re constructor Deep Conditioner. 

I use a Deep Conditioner every Sunday. I like to think of it as a little treat along with my face mask. I like this one as it is not as heavy as hair masks. I find that with Hair masks alot of the product can be wasted as it seems to slip off. 

I love the smell of Aussie Products, they smell very fresh....

Bath Stuff: 

So as I mentioned, I have been rotating my stuff around so that I actually use it all up.

 A lot of the above came from gift sets. In the middle is Beyonce Heat Perfume Body Wash. 

I love the smell of this perfume, it smells to me of a warm scent designed for a nightout. The body wash didn't disappoint. 

Next to it on the far right is Marks and Spencers Royal Jelly Body Wash. This came in a set with two different Hand creams and Hand wash. You can still get this one in the shop all year round. In my opinion is it well worth it as it leaves your hands incredible soft and the smell of the body wash is divine. 

On the Far Left is two bottles that belong to the same collection. 

They are a candy shop range from Superdrug - Cheery and Strawberry swirl. I found theses scents to be a little overpowering but the product itself is sound. I guess that the smell is just down to personal preference. 

On the Bottom is the Bubble Bath that came with my Pink sparkly bath (this has featured wayyyy too many times haha) - I wouldn't recommend this bubble bath as it doesn't bubble at all. 

Almost thereeeee

Makeup and Skin Products 

A couple of items here : 

Lash Vegas mascara from Barry M - this is a neat little product if you are looking for a cheap mascara that lasts. My only gripe is that the brush is not designed for the longer lashes. Its also quite flimsy. So it takes several attempts to get the whole lash covered. 

Next is the Dream Matte Mousse foundation - I've reviewed this product way too much on the blog. It is still a fav of mine ;)

The Rimmel Liquid eyeshadow palette - I wasn't sure what to expect with this. I didn't like the idea of mixing this with my liquid eyeliner. But it really does create a nice effect, especially as the shades are metalic. 

The Body Shop Vitamin C , Mircodermabrasion Spa Exfoilator. I love this product.  Its great for getting rid of dead skin. My only problem is that you can only use it twice a week

For previous empties you can check out the below videos 


Thats it for now 


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