Charity and I part two / A delivery

Good evening all! 

Before I begin with the main bulk of this post, I thought that I would share some nice news. You may recall if you read the blog regularly that I wrote a wishlist post for the Jewellery brand, Gemporia. 

You can check the post out on this link here if you haven't done so already. 

Well today a little present arrived in the post. I mentioned that I like Rosegold so they sent this lovely bracelet along with a note :)

So thank you Gemporia, you were a great company to work with! 

Please check them out on this link - Gemporia

So the main bulk if this this post is an update on one of the more popular posts that I have written.  I titled it Charity and I and I think I must have written it about six months ago

You can find it here: Charity and I, Part one

In it I mentioned that I will be running in two races, the Suffering and the Tough Mudder for Macmillan and for the Anthony Nolan Trust. Now sadly, due to training issues and what not, we will not be participating in the Suffering...but Tough Mudder is still on for May. 

However, this is not what I plan to write about. I want to explain an event that you may have all seen on my twitter feed. 

Basically, I am involved in an event called 'Lets stand together' against blood cancer. The two main charities that will benefit are Bloodwise and Anthony Nolan again. 

The event is a 17 mile walk in the South East of England - however it is unique in the respect that it involves a British pastime of Bellringing (ringing the Churchbells in the Church tower). Now I am not a bellringer myself, but I have been told that a special version of playing the bells has been written for the event. This will require 12 bells, I have only seen bell ringing done on a max of six. 

I'm not really the best in explaining but I will link the various places of information below. 

The main thing I want to get across is that this in all to raise money for the treatment of those that tragically told that they have blood cancer (like my mother) and with the aim of getting more people on the doner register. 

If there is anything that I can ask of you reader, it is the following : 

Please follow the event on Twitter and Facebook and share to your friends. Get the word out there... if you are local then come join us : )

Thanks for reading 


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Unknown said…
Happy to hear that you like your new Rose Gold bracelet, looks great on you :)
You were great to work with too! x
Becky Russell said…
Thank you Lovely :) x

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