FEATURE : Gemporia Wishlist

Hello all, 

So today is something different for you all! 

I was approached by the Lovely people at Gemporia.com, to write a Wishlist of some of my favourite picks from their beautiful collection from their website. 

Now what first struck me about the collections is how up my street they are. I love the idea of making the gemstone the main feature of a piece due to their natural beauty. I myself wear a yellow emerald ring everyday that is surrounded by diamonds.  Simple but beautiful 

I have picked the below pieces based on a few criteria. 

I have gone for a ring, Necklace, two sets of earrings and my personal birthstone (the ruby).  Whilst picking, I have made sure that cost is a prominent feature as I know the main age range that read this blog is you lovely 12- 21 year olds. In knowing this I have made sure that these cute pieces are also affordable if you fancied a cheeky treat ;) and don't want to break the piggy bank. 


Ever since I was a small kid, I'd always admired my Mum's Pearl Jewellery, but to this day I haven't ever got myself any. 

I spotted this beautiful limited edition ring and I've fallen it love with it. It's simple but its a statement piece. 

I would imagine it would set off a cute dress or even look great over a lunch date. 

Valentines Special! 

I thought that I would take this opportunity to feature an item from the Valentines day range! 

A bit on the more expensive side, but a beautiful ring if you wanted to spoil your ladies ;) 

The Kunzite in this ring would look beautiful in the sunlight! 


I found this cute little Harry Potter esk Necklace (kinda looks like a mini snitch before it sprouts its wings )

Rose Gold is very in at the moment, from jewellery to homeware and more. 

I think the dash of colour from the Amethyst makes it go from a nice necklace to a beautiful one. (if you read the blog you know that I have a soft spot for purple....) 

You could wear this in the day and to work/ School as its smart but also brings an element of fun. 


I saw this pair and I immediately thought of that beautiful engagement ring that was enjoyed by Princess Diana and now the Duchess of Cambridge.  Because of these two trendsetters, this combo of Blue sapphire and Diamonds are highly sought after. 

What I love about these Earrings, is firstly the colour and the fact that you could dress them up and also wear them in a day to day outfit. I think that these are a timeless pair and design that could be enjoyed by any age!

Another pair of earrings that caught my eye is these pair of Jade and Diamond Sterling silver Elephants. Elephants are one of my favourite animals and I love how simple but cute and fun these are! 


So, I noticed that on the website you can search for items as per your birthstone. Mine is the ruby as I am born in July. 

I love the ruby as it is a real pure and eye-catching red. I found this beautiful bracelet: 

I love how simple but pretty it is. I don't like heavy restricting bracelets that weigh your arm down.  I could see this piece as being one that could brighten up the simplest of outfits by adding a dash of colour. 

I hope you enjoyed my little wishlist, I love doing fashion posts when I can fit them in! 

I had to massively condense my picks down as I could have easily have listed half the website :/ 

Please make sure that you check out the whole collection as your leisure on the following link:

Let me know what you think! 



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