January Favourites and World Cancer day

Hellooooooo everybody, 

I'm slowly getting there in regards to continuous blogging. 

I'm finding my new freedom is leading me to get distracted from being in front of the computer. But hopefully all will go back to normal. 

A few things before I get started. 

Firstly - I noticed that my blog is getting extremely close to 1,100 blog followers. Considering I was awol in Jan, this is amazing. So thank you if you are a subscriber. I value each and every one of you! 

Secondly - You will have noticed from my title that tomorrow is world Cancer Day. Unforunately Cancer is something that is a prominent feature at the moment in my day to day family life. Its a horrible disease that takes many lives each year, I am myself trying to raise as much money as I can this year in order to help. 

I am running two races, Taking part in a rather unique fundrasing event starting in Winchester in June (more on that later) and hopefully, Luke and I will be doing the three peaks challenge at the end of the year also. Its a small contribution but I hope that out there someone benefits from it. 

Thirdly - it's time for my January favourites! 

As always, they will be split into different sections: 


Favourite Skin Product

This is one that I have featured on the blog before, but it really is a lifesaver in the cold weather that we are going through. This is Nivea's Soft Mostiuring cream, I cannot recommend it enough. It is designed for sensitive skin and has a pleasant smell, it can be used anywhere on the body and it is really good for calming skin down. Be it sore skin or even with skin conditions such as eczema.


Favourite Nail Colour 

I love this colour, purple is my favourite over all so I love it when I find a decent nail varnish that has lasting colour. 

The below is Gelly shine in Plum by Barry M. 

I've repurchased it several times, it's a brilliant varnish for £3! 

Favourite Lip colour 

I find at this time of year, that I love to go for the bolder colours (as any tan I have is goneeeeeeee) but at the same time, I have to find a product that protects from the cold. 

My little tip at the moment is to combine two products that I love. 

Firstly, I do a bottom layer with Zoella Beauty's Kissy Missy and a top layer of Vaseline (either rose or cocoa butter)

It creates the look below ;) 

Favourite scent :

Bit of a left field one, but I'm going for a hand cream. I love this one because it smells of honey, which I know isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I love it. 

I currently have a couple of this jamming in my desk at work. 

I should point out as a hand cream it is also awesome. 


Favourite Music 

So it might not be any surprise to those that know me, but my current favourite is the works of Mr David Bowie. I was shocked as was alot of the world, when his death was announced in January. 

The first cd in my new car ( lovingly named Bowie) is the Blackstar album (his last one). I really find it bittersweet to listen to due to the lyrics but I love it because it reminds me of his old work. 

Favourite TV show 

I am currently watching this as I type. I love the Great British Bake in the autumn so I love it  when the Celebs do it for Sport relief. 

The comedy alone is a good reason to watch it. 

Favourite Movie 

I've held on to this film since December. But one of my Favourite films of the last couple of months is the Force Awakens 

I grew up with Star Wars 1-3 so I was excited to go back to the cinema to see 7. I don't want to ruin it if you haven't got round to it make sure you do.... it won't disappoint

Favourite Game 

I love the below game. Luke bought it for my last weekend and I spent eight hours playing it on Saturday ! 

Lego and marvel are two of my favourite things, make sure you check it out if you can....

Current read: 

I am currently reading through the Harry Potter series. I forgot how much I loved this series as a little kid. I also forgot how much of the stories get left out in the film. Reading them at an older age, I think that I appreciate them more and I've been looking at them from a different perspective :) 

I'll never get bored of them, I look forward to reading them to my kids. 

Let me know what you are loving at the moment! 

Thanks :) 


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