Oh I do like to be beside the seasideeeeeeee..... (Hastings Visit)

Hello everybody, 

It's been a while, I hope that you are all ok. 

I am currently on a little trip down on the South Coast of England. I am currently staying in a lovely little Seaside town of Hastings. I am lucky enough that my Mother lives here so that I can come and visit whenever I like and I don't have to worry about hotels (as they can be rather expensive in the Summer). 

I came down on Friday, in my brand new little Clio (Bowie), it takes about three hours from Northampton to Hastings. Plenty of time for some quality tunes ;) ( I'm talking 90s bangers... I 'll have to write a separate post on that at some point)

This is Obvs my travelling look (Electric Blue Ray Bans, sun shining in my face... just Lovely :D)

I've been fed up with so much lovely food ( I think that she thinks I don't eat half the time), but I did have to make sure I still went running on Saturday. I ran around the lovely Alexendra park, although I didn't realise the size of it before I started the run. ( I shall be writing more about my fitness in the week as this is something that I have Previously written about and I know you all like updates ;) )

My mother has also got me teaching her everything that there is to know about social media (I.E Facebook, twitter and instagram) So if you want a chuckle, you can think of that. 

I thought that to make up for my absence, I would share some pictures of my lovely little trip before I venture back to Northampton and am reunited with my Boyfriend and lovely kittens :) 
There is a serious reason for my visit, but I will write a separate post about that tomorrow :) 

So please enjoy the below, 




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So for this first image, I decided to play around with a side parting (I'm due to get my hair cut so at the moment I am trying a few things. I also took the time to play with some pinky red lipstick. However the main point of this image was actually to share the beautiful garden behind me. I'm starting to get a little vain. 

The above are a pair of slippers that I picked up for my Mum's Christmas present in 2014. Lucky we are the same sized feet so I can steal when appropriate. I love the royal purple colour of them and even though the feet are open at the top they are really warmmmmmm.

The above is one of the loves of my childhood, some lovely meringue nests. I literally can just eat them like this but I think when I get home I'll add some cheeky Strawberries :) 

A random Landscape shot :) 

The Above three pictures are from a beautiful cafe in the Old town part of Hastings. It's a cosy little cafe in which the walls are made out of book shelves :), They also had 40 music playing and have vintage decor. It was right up my street, I had a lovely hot chocolate and a piece of Passion cake, which as a really moist Carrot Cake! 

Next two images are from my trip to the sea front. It was rather wet and windy as you can see, but I don't care, not matter how big the waves are I find it so relaxing. It was the type of wind that takes your breath away and you could smell the sea salt in the air. 

Coming home, not only means being reunited with the family, but also with my family pets. We've had Sid and Lizzie in the family for the last 12 years, so I grew up with them. It broke my heart when we moved apart. It was lovely to see them again : )

Finally I thought that I would show you the front room,  as I love the fireplace and the colours of the room :) 


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