COLLAB : My 25th Birthday

Hello Everybody,

So I have been approached by the Lovely people at Paperless post to talk about what birthday I am most looking forward to! 

You can check out their website on this link - Paperless Post

After thinking about it, I have decided that the Birthday that I am most looking forward to is my 25th birthday which falls in July. I always thought of this Birthday as a really defining point in my life. The first part of the 20s is over and its time to start getting everything in order. 

Therefore the entrance to this age must be a big one. 

My ideal day would be a family party in a village hall (old school I know). I would throw a party to look back at the good old days - the 90s. I was a true British 90s kid so I would have every detail to reflect this. 

The invites would have an air of retro vibes around them  - similar to this one from the paperless Website ( You can check it out here ) 

The food would all be Buffet food - the classics:

Cocktail sausages
The famous hedgehog (Cheese and Pineapple spikes) 
Jelly and Ice cream 
Mini quiches 
Pizza slices 
Even the cake would be the classic Caterpillar Cake! 

The works.....

All the music would be 90s so the part classics such at the Fast food song, the Macarena, Spice girls , S club 7 etc. 

Maybe even some party games.....

I think that the main vibe of the day would be to celebrate childhood and I enter the next stage of my life... and doing it in the most exciting way as possible! 

BONUS : (you can check out my 24th Birthday on this past vlog)

Remember to check out Paperless post on this link

Let me know what kind of party you would plan! 




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