UPDATED : Easter 2016, A New Video and a Lush Haul!

Hello everybody

Well firstly, Happy Easter! 

I hope that whatever you are doing today, that you find some time to relax and unwind. 

I love Bank holidays, but they do seem to disappear very quickly. This is the first day that Luke and I have found time to just do nothing. 

On Friday, we spent all day in the cinema (over 12 hours in total). We went to see four new film releases and then yesterday , we ran and walked for five miles and I got my Car MOTed........

Now instead of writing four film review blog posts, I decided to film a video, featuring footage from the day. The video also contains some teasers for the Blog and upcoming posts ;)

So check it out below 

Also, I thought that for the rest of this blog post, I would feature some of the Easter Lush products that are around, as I had a bit of a spend over the last couple of weeks. My Lush addiction is currently at an all time high! 


Vlog is now live for this post 

(you might have seen that the Infamous Lush jar and also Tin are overflowing on the video above) 

(I forgot to mention this when asked last time. The Tin is from a Ted Baker gift set that Luke got at Christmas ( I love the colours and the pattern on it)

So this is my current situation: 

Its time to see whats hiding in the bags ;) 

Lets just take a moment to appreciate the lovely colours in the picture above : 

The first product is Ceridwen's Cauldron (a Luxury Bath melt). Now originally, I bought this for Luke as he does alot of sport and goes to the gym alot, so he can be left with achy muscles. 

But after smelling it I think that I want to keep it for myself. It smells like Lavender and that is like my favourite scent.  On the sticker it says that the slow releasing oils will keep you relaxed for along time and to be fair for a melt it is larger than most. 

I might have to buy myself one. 

This next one, is one that I have seen all over twitter and Instagram.... The unicorn Horn. I bought it with the hope that my bath water goes some crazy colours. 

The smell is very sweet... you'd be forgiven for thinking it was candy with the design of it.

This one is simply called Golden Egg and due to this, it reminds me of the Golden Egg that Harry Potter has to steal in the Goblet of Fire. 

My only worry about this one is the amount of glitter that has already come off of it. It pictured on one of my pillows and it has covered it in yellow in the two seconds in was out of the bag haha. 

This again was bought for Luke as it is a bath melt (I'm not going to warn him about the glitter....)

I picked this one up because I thought it was very cute. 

I had a love affair with Lady bugs when I was a kid and always wanted to count their spots.  

As you guessed, this is called Ladybug and it is a bubble bar. Due to the size of it, I think that it can easily be reused a couple of times. 

This next one really excited me as it was something different.

 Simply called a bunch of carrots, there are three individual Bubble bars tried together.... 

Now this is rather pricier than any of the other products that they normally sell, but the amount of baths you could get out of it will easily get your money back. 

And finalllyyyy... people are going crazy for this on on social media (but I didn't realise it at the time). This is called, Which came first? 

Its a huge bath bomb, which according to the label has a little surprise in it (I won't spoil it for you).

 Now I can imagine that is going to take a fair few baths to crack into. (This is not a bad thing) . I was drawn to it for the sheer size and colour of it. 

Let me know if you have already tried them, or what you are up to over Easter....



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