FEATURE : Gemporia's Diamond Room

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Its time for the second post of the night, you'll notice that the blog has had a tiny bit of a spring makeover. 

Let me know what you think of the Sunflowers.....

Tonight marks the second feature piece that I will be writing for gemporia.com 

Before we start if you want to check the previous wishlist that I wrote then you can find that on this post here

In this post, I shall be talking about their new service that they launched on the 4th March. 

This service is called the Diamond Room, it is designed to be able to help the online shopping experience by making it alot more personal. 

In essence, it is a virtal shopping experience on their website, but it has been given a human touch. Think the old school shopping channels, but instead of having to sit through all the stuff you don't want to see, you can directly message the presenter with your questions! You can also request which item you want to see next. 

You also get to see the products up, close and personal. 

It's brilliant if you are looking to treat yourself, someone else.... or are even buying a certain landmark ring (cough cough engagement ) haha. 

I think its a really ingenious way to embrace the new technologies that are hitting the internet and I love the personal touch... I think sometimes when you stare at a picture on the internet, it can make you slightly apprehensive at what you are buying... this way you can see a whole 360 view and you can see it on someone else! 

So please do check out the diamond room on this link here

The service runs from 1pm to 1am! 

Let me know what you think! 




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