February Review

Hello readers! 

I hope that you are ok, can you believe that we are in March already?  I feel as though, despite the fact that we had a leap year this year, February went through at 100 mph. 

I also took a mini break from blogging and vlogging so that I could focus on my personal life ( not in a serious way), but in aspects of my fitness and enjoying some family time. 

Family time is rare but it is something that I think that I have missed recently.  Nothing quite perks you up then spending time looking back on the old days and also making plans for the future. 

I have also tried to go back to activities that I really enjoy.... such as going to the cinema as much as I can. I love discovering new films and genres that I might not have always gone for. I have also spent some of the time gaming and rediscovering some classics.

However February for me has been a rather exciting and prominent month. I shall reveal more of this in my forthcoming Favourite blog. I will also be writing a few more feature posts as I have had a few opportunities pass my way that I am really excited about.

So on some days there will be double posts :) 

But for now....

A few Highlights :

§ The blog reached 1,100 followers (this is incredible considering that I have not been updating the blog as much as I would have liked)
§ I got a new car - my little clio Bowie... and I said goodbye to Luigi the Ka. 
§ I had a mini break in Hastings and this saw the launch of a Charity event that I am proud to be supporting! 
§The blog is now at 15,000 views. 

A few of my favourite posts : 

There will also be a feature post tonight, once again featuring Gemporia.... but more on that later...

I'm rather happy to be back with Hideaway.... I am also planning a little makeover as I feel that snowflakes are no longer really in season. Spring is just around the corner : )


Let me know what you are up to! 



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