Vlogging update & Reasons to be cheerful

Hello everybody, 

So, once again, our lovely friend Sunday is here. Our friend that takes ages to get here and then leaves after just the one cup of tea. 

Despite the fact that I am left with sadness that the weekend has come and gone, I am overjoyed to remember that this coming week is Easter week.

 I therefore decided that this was one of many reasons to be cheerful. 

Here are some more : 

It is also the first day of Spring - We celebrated with the first smoothie of the year. Luke surprised me with the Mango and Passionfruit one from Starbucks .... Its one of my all time favourites and it has reignited my passion for making my own. 

If you read this blog back at the start, you will note that I used to post alot of different recipes as it was a little obsession of mine. 

Strawberry and Banana was the one... If I get back into it I might link the recipes so you can see them all again!

On this note, I should mention that my go to comfort food/ desert food has become fruit.

 I believe that this is due to my changing mindset towards food due to the Tough Mudder Challenge and the Charity Walk that I am doing in June. 

I also found that a simple trick for me was the introduction of a food bowl so that I can easily grab at that rather than the sugary stuff. 

Something that Perks me up about this time of year : Florals. 

Floral print really becomes my go to pattern. I love the change of season in general and the sorting of the winter clothes (and the putting away of the winter clothes), but being British there is always that apprehensions that the weather always seems to leave us with. 

Another reason for my personal happiness, is that I got to spend time with my family on Saturday. I love family days as I think its so important to reconnect with Loved ones when you can. It might have taken me a stupid amount of time to get to see them (roadworks *shakes fist*) but it was a lovely visit. 

And finally, the biggest announcement for the blog / excitement for myself - is the reintroductions of the mighty Vlog! 

I used to love making videos and uploading them, but I kinda stopped. 

It originally was down to having to complete Uni work and then I felt like, I wasn't even updating on here and I was falling behind. 

Therefore the new schedule is Wednesday and Saturday, I already have a plan of videos to complement the posts on here as well. 

I hope that I can stick to two as it seems alot more manageable, I did consider daily vlogging, but I'm at work most of the time so I figured that would get boring rather quickly. 

I will be posting links on here when they are uploaded ; )

(I'm rather excited for Wednesdays as it is different to anything that I have filmed before :D) 

So here is to Easter week! Let me know what is making you smile at the moment! 



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Carmen Varner said…
Woohoo! It sounds like there are a lot of reasons to be happy this weekend. Congrats of restarting your vlog! :]

// ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲
Becky Russell said…
Thank you lovely :)


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