10,000 steps....of Mud and rediscovering a classic

Hello everybody. 

I hope that you are all keeping dry during this wet and cold night.  I'm sitting here listening to the storm outside, watching a rather random film. 

Its called the ABC of Death (look it up its rather cray) 

Today, I decided to change things up a little and debuted a little plait in my hair. I don't know what it is about the humble plait but it seems to bring a little fun to most hairstyles.

That and its so simple to do.

I thought that I would take the time to explain something that I have been tweeting about a little. 

Basically in amongst training for the Tough Mudder and Lets All Stand Together, I have just started a new challenge. 

Basically, at work we have all been given Pedometers and we are working in teams to get the most daily steps that we can in order to try and collectively walk around the UK. 

So in order to up my daily steps yesterday, Luke and I decided to go and walk around a local Lake. 

We went straight from work, thinking that the weather was semi decent.  But we did not account for the mud... the deep all encompassing mud. 

To be fair it is good training for us as we have heard stories of people losing shoes and so forth and yesterday this certainly happened to me. 

I mean just look at my shoes and tights.....

I managed to get just under 14,000 steps.... I also managed to get some lovely scenery pictures. 

I do love to just observe nature in action....

After we returned, I decided that I wanted to get stuck into another book. I had purchased the below Shakespeare collections when I was in Hastings recently. 

I do love reading plays, I think that they keep you engaged more than a story. 

I will write more about these in a later post. 


So I thought that I would give you this update, just to let you know how the training is going and to introduce the new challenge that I have started. 




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Stephanie said…
Great pictures sorry about your shoes. But those are going to be great books. My fave play to read by Shakespeare is about Julius caesar.
Becky Russell said…
Thanks Lovely, my shoes should be ok as they are faux Leather, and I'm currently reading a tragedy that I had no idea existed. So I'm kinda excited about it at the moment x

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