An Exciting Blogging and Vlogging Annoucement

Hello all. 

Its time for an announcement concerning this blog and the matching youtube channel. 

After a little soul searching and research, I decided that in order to keep the content as relevant as possible that I have now split the youtube channel. 

The main channel Hideaway Blogging, shall remain as Beauty, fashion and lifestyle - where as the new channel Hideaway Gaming is exactly that - A gaming channel. 

I found that I really enjoyed filming Vlogs with my other half, its become something that he gets really excited about so its a neat little hobby to do together :) 

If you do enjoy my gaming content them please do subscribe to the new channel! 

As for this blog.....

Well that shall remain the same. It's my little baby, my place to Hideaway. 

I thought that I should just write a quick post to explain what was happening : )

Thanks again 



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