April's Beauty Favourites.

Good Evening to you all!

I'm not loving the fact that it is Monday tomorrow. Not one bit. 

Today has been a really busy day. 

Not only have we recorded two Vlogs (for your viewing pleasure) BUT we have also seen our new flat today as well. 

We shall be moved in by this time next month (scary scary stuff) 

Its a really nice flat though and I look forward to being able to share it with you all :)

So its now time for my beauty favourites for the month.  

Due to time restraints and illness, I never actually completed one for March. Boos.

I am a little worried that the blog has slightly shifted away from beauty, which is upsetting as Hideaway started as Beauty and Lifestyle.....

Time to change that!

So here goes! 

My Favourite skin Product 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product ok? 

I literally cannot get over how much this body butter has helped me with my dry winter skin. It literally works on any part of my body. My main areas of trouble at the moment are dry hands and dry feet and it soothes them and helps them to feel moisturised. 

This is much better than the Body Shop Versions that I use to swear by. 

I got bought this as part of a set at Christmas (with daily use its lasted that long) and I 100% will be repurchasing!  

My favourite Nail Colour 

As a self confessed Nail Polish addict, I just couldn't go two months without mentioning a product.  Now as you should know by now, I have a massive love affair with Barry M and their Gelly Shine Nail Paints.

The finish on them looks salon worthy with minimal effort. 

This Month I fell in love with the above shade (537 - Passionfruit). Its a kind of mix of orange and red and a jelly shine. 

Depending on the light, depends which shade you get. At the moment my nails are red. 

I've alway said that the low prices for the finish you get are totally worth a punt. 

The Varnish doesn't stain your nails after (which is a massive problem with Reds in general) 

My Favourite Palette 

 I thought, in the spirit of shaking things up that for the first time, I would include a favourite palette that I have been loving. 

Now I never used to buy these at all, I use to think that they were really overpriced and you ended up not using half of it. 

I was wrong. I was young.... please forgive me.

So sticking with Barry M.... My favourite is the Superdrug EXCLUSIVE Super Natural Eyeshadow Palette. 

*Note the Exclusive (cos you won't be able to get it anywhere else) 

The design alone is beautiful and it sits rather proudly in my makeup bag. 

Now this Palette is very similar to it's brother (the Natural palette) except it features a lovely rose gold colour (which is still all the rage among the kids at the moment) 

I experimented for date night and posted this picture on Inst with the results: 

( I finished the look with a little Mascara and Liquid liner across the top) 

My favourite Hair Product 

Finally, we come to my favourite hair product. 

Now, I've been going through a bit of a bad time with my hair lately. I switched to a different brand of shampoo and bitterly regretted it 

(My hair can act like a little brat at times, and decide to suddenly become oily and limp at the drop of a hat) 

However, I remembered that in the summer, I reviewed a new brand of shampoo and I fell in love with it. 

That brand was : OGX. 

Pictured below is Keratin Oil, which helped to bring my shine back. I most recently chose the Coconut Water Shampoo and Conditioner and my hair is back to its formal glory (plus it smells amazing.....) 

My only drawback is the price. HOWEVER, its six pounds for me to be able to have the hair I want and my hair is something I wear everyday (or at least that is how I am justifying it to myself)

So thats the end of the monthly Favs. 

Let me know what you think. 

I am currently uploading a vlog - another gaming one. 

I know I know.... I need to do more beauty videos..... soon my lovelies.... soon 

See you all soon! 


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Stephanie said…
Lovely nail polish color. I used ogx for a while and it was great. Love the coconut series. Smells so good.
Becky Russell said…
I awkwardly got caught sniffing my hair the other day.....

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