April Lifestyle Favourites and A New Vlog

Hello everyone. 

Happy Saturday to you all! I don't know about you, but I have been really looking forward to this weekend. 

However, my body doesn't seem to want to let me have a lay in. So was sat at 7 in the morning, watching classic Simpsons! 

I just thought that before I get into the main bulk of this post, I would mention that I recorded and uploaded a new Vlog yesterday. 

It was a little fun video in which I let you all check out whats in my handbag. 

You can watch it below :) 

So its that time of the month in which I start unveiling my favourites for the month. I will start with the Lifestyle Favourites. 

The beauty post will follow later in the week :) 

Favourite TV Show 

My latest obsession is  the Night Manager.....

It stars Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston and its a spy drama that is in six one hour parts. 

What drew me to this is how brilliantly it is written. 

Hiddles plays a spy that is sent to inflitrate Laurie's world by posing as a Hotel Manager. I don't want to ruin it as its about to debut in America and has just come out here on DVD. Its well worth a watch as there are many twists and turns!

Here is a little clip...

My Favourite Film: 

This has been a hard one as I haven't watched many since the end of last month. I did however watch a film that has cult status and I can see why. 

I watched 10 Things I hate About You.  When I looked it up on IMDB I was shocked to see that the film is 19 years old! 

I fell in love with it straight away, now I did have my reservations however. It is based on the Shakespeare play 'The Taming of the Shrew' and I'm not going to lie I am rather protective of the classics. 

But this movie was great, I don't know what it is but I do love a cheeky High School Film. 

 The film follows a new guys attempt to date the popular girl. However there is one snag, the girl can only date if  her sister does. Its a crazy film and you need to concentrate on the plot but it will have you chuckling throughout. 

Here is a classic scene from the film : 

WARNING: you may fall in love with Heath Ledger

Favourite Music

So, my current obsession with Adele is at an all time high. Her voice is so unique, so comforting but at the same time it can get your emotions going. 

I can't pick just one song, so I think the best way to see her greatest hits is to check out the Carpool Karoke that she did with James Corden. 

Favourite Game :

As promised last month,  my favourite game is the mighty Far Cry Primal. 

I love these type of games, in which there is a big open world to explore and you have to gather supplies and build up your settlement. 

There is a storyline in which you become Beast Master and defend your people etc. 

However it is the graphics and the unpredictably of the open world that I love. 

I also love that in being the beast master, you can take a furry companion along to help you. You can even have a grizzly bear grrrrrrr

I have to admit that when I heard that they were setting a game in the Caveman man era that I was a little worried that the game was rushed and would suck. 

But no, I was pleasantly surprised. They did the game proud. My only slight worry is that if you ignore the subtitles in the cut scenes (as there is no english in this time period) you aint gonna know whats going on

Here is the official trailer.... we shall be doing our own video for the channel shortly :) 

So thats it for the lifestyle....

My best favourites post will be dropping shortly as will another video on the channel later this evening :) 

Let me know if you are loving these....




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Stephanie said…
You had me a hiddles. He is so cute and a fantastic actor. I loved that car pool segment with Adele . I have finally started playing fallout 4. Even though I need to finish 5 other games still. Haha
Becky Russell said…
I do love my little Hiddles. I'm currently trying to get back into Fallout (new DLC) but I struggle after I haven't played it in like two weeks.

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