Instagram - Advice & a new Vlog

Hello Everyone, 

I hope that you have all had a good Monday. 

I only have two days at work this week due to the big move. 

I think that the nerves are starting to kick in. Its not so much all the little annoying bits like redirecting bills and stuff but just the fear of moving things. 

I am also worried about getting the cats used to a new environment as they are still rather young.....

Anyway I didn't start this post with the intention of having you all listen to my problems. 

As a little sorry, I have included my latest upload to Youtube. 

It's a vlog in which my partner played Fallout 4 ( slightly unsuccessfully) (please remember to sub to this gaming channel as it is still a baby :( )

The main purpose of this post is to talk about my experience with blogging on Instagram. 

This post has been requested alot and I just haven't gotten round to it. But this has now changed ;) 

Insta is a funny little website, so simple yet so competitive. 

I find that it is the best place to physically show the products you love, with minimal fuss and drama. 

I do love a decent selfie.....

Below are a few tips I've learnt: 

1 ) Thing about how the picture looks - is it eyecatching? 

Sounds odd, but people scroll through insta and they rarely look at the caption with it. 

I find the best way to make the picture noticeable is to think of the background of the image and the lighting. 

Now I personally cannot afford loads of different backgrounds so I use some of my favourite blankets. Lay it out flat and then take a picture from above. As in these images 

2) don't be disheartened if your subs go up and down -

 Alot of people are obessed with their follower to falling ratio. You'll work out the genuine people to follow back ;)

3) Careful with the hashtags!

Now I love a hashtag, but even I think that too many can really harm a picture. Just pick a couple and stick to them :) 

4 ) Finally - careful with the filters. 

You will notice that my pictures above, have next to no filters on them. 

I think that if a picture is overedited, you struggle to make out what it actually is and the true beauty of it! 

Overall though, it is a great place to capture peoples attention - especially if you love the same type of products! 

Let me know if this has helped at all and you can check my insta out on the links below




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