Just how well do we know each other?

Hello everybody, 

So as you all know by now, I live with my Boyfriend Luke. We are about to move into a new flat and are looking forward to our future together

But I realised that I never really formally introduced him to the blog. 

We recently completed the Boyfriend Tag questions for the Main channel so you can even watch us in action. 

A few things to know.....

We started off friends and slowly got to know each other. I honestly think this is the best way rather than jumping in feet first.

 Ever since, we have been inseparable. We've had our ups and downs but I can't imagine my life without him. After five years, I can safely say that this is for keeps. I'm not one to openly share too much about my love life but I think sometimes it is nice.

I have learnt alot of lessons along the way. But it is lovely to watch Luke grow and become a man and watch him take charge of our future. 

I thought that to end this cheesy post I would include some of our best photos!



Gamertag (PSN and Xbox Live) : Beckydoodah 

    Snapchat : Beckydoodah


Stephanie said…
Aww you two are so cute!!

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