March Review

Hello everybody. 

I'd just like to say before I start this post, that I am overwhelmed with the response to the post that I wrote this morning. 

I wrote it as a request to an upsetting event and I had written that I am becoming disappointed with people in general.

However the level of support has made me feel that my family and I are surrounded by love and kindness so thank you. 

If you wish to read the post then you can find it on this link here

Moving on now to the main subject of this post.... It's time to review yet another month on the blog! 

Seriously where did March go? 

March's highlights

§ Twitter reaches 800 followers 

§ The Youtube Channel is relaunched 

§ Luke and I found out that we were moving into a new flat :) 

§ interactions with various companies including Xbox, Antony Nolan, Bloodwise, Lush and Perez Hilton!
§ Collabs continue - including Gemporia and the launch of their Diamond room

As mentioned the Channel has gone through a relaunch this month. In honour of this, I have picked a few videos below: 

Four Film Reviews, An Announcement and Teasers

The Division : A Quick Play through

Lush Spring / Easter Haul 

Here are a few of my favourite blog posts from the month :

I am rather excited for April to begin! As mentioned, I will be moving into my new flat but also I am looking forward to some warm weather. 

Although, this time of the year means one downside.... hay fever. Yuck. 

There is alot more to come for Hideaway (there are teasers in the Lush Haul Vlog) So watch this space!

Let me know how March was for you ;)




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Stephanie said…
Division!! Sucks that if you go rogue you get penalized.
Becky Russell said…
True true. I am currently trying to get on board with the Dark Zone. I keep getting messed up haha : / x

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