The Body Confidence Series : Part six.

Hello all, 

This post is going to be a personal one. A personal request of sorts, I suppose. 

As I would like to think that you all know by now... I try to keep Hideaway and its sister Youtube channel as light hearted as possible. I like to try and make posts and Videos that will brighten up your day. 

However there does come a time in which I feel the need to be serious and to stand up for issues that I think are important. 

Through 11 months of writing this blog, I have devised the Body confidence challenge and a series of posts encouraging people to be confident in their own skin (I will link everything below). 

I personally have been on the receiving end of some barbed comments, but I let them float off my back as I know my physical limitations in terms of looks and size and I like to think I embrace my flaws. 

It sickens me to write the next story but it is something that is very real and the person affected asked me to raise awareness. 

I am humbled to try and convey their feelings to you the reader. 

A person extremely close to me ( in my immediate family) is suffering with Blood Cancer. (CML)...if you read the blog regularly/ Watch my videos / know me in real life you will know who this is. 

This person is the most selfless person that I know, despite all the sickness, aches and so forth that they are suffering ...... they are trying tirelessly to help raise money and awareness to stop others having to go down the same road as themselves. 

Unfourtnately, a very common side affect of treatment is that one of the first visible symptoms is that a patient loses their hair. 

Some people embrace it, to others it is a very real indication of what it happening to them. 

I personally, have always had long hair, so I cannot begin to imagine how it must feel to go through that and to feel your body changing in such a way.

 Imagine going through all that, and then to have someone in the street approach you and to attack your appearance.  

I am not going to dignify their comments on here as I am trying to stay as calm as I possibly can as I write this. 

I sat on the phone as I heard the hurt in their voice, knowing that nothing I can say will make up for it. 

Sure, I can write a blog post and attack the person back .... but in all fairness what good will that achieve? 

I ask simply this of you reader, just think before you even consider about attacking someones appearance. 

We are all guilty of thinking of comments and saying them out loud. 

I know for myself,  that this has been a wake up call.... It would be nice to think that we could all support each other, but truthfully a lot of negative comments comes from low self esteem. 

Therefore, please consider the challenge that I set before. 

Write down of think of three things that you honestly love about yourself, be it physical or mental and please just help each other rather than hurting them, ok? 

Imagine if that was your family member....

Thank you for reading 



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