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Hello my lovely blog readers,

I hope that this week is being kind to you 

Mine is flying (need to get everything packed but here I am haha)  

I FINALLY got Youtube to agree with me and upload my latest vlog, a quick play through of Evil Within's  chapter one. 

Please excuse the language and the violence (it is an 18 rated game)  - I really enjoyed making this one, I think that I have found some comfort in recording and editing videos with two cameras now.

My latest two offerings are : 

Farcry Primal :


The Evil Within Chapter one : 

This got me thinking, one requested post that I often get asked for (but have yet to write ), is advice about filming Vlogs. 

I am now on video 41, and I like to think, that yes, I kind of know what I am doing. 

So here are my top tips: 

1) get a decent camera to film on

I started filming on my iPhone six and it did me well for a while, but if you watch my first couple of videos you will notice that the footage is very narrow (there is a black box around it). I understand that there is a youtube app now that allows you to film landscape footage. 

I haven't tested it so I don't know if it is any good. 

I got a lovely Camera bought for me by my Boyfriend and it is my go to for videos. When I am using two camera (for gaming videos) my second camera is the built in one in my Apple Macbook Air. 

2) Make sure that you have a topic that you are passionate about

I am guilty of filming videos for the sake of it. I went through a phase of wanting to film a blog everyday, so I ran out of ideas very easily. I think you can tell when someone isn't into their ideas and these have become my least favourite videos of mine. 

3)  Have plan of what you want to say. 

Rambling is not good. I often plan a couple of days ahead. I'm not saying that my videos are scripted but there is certainly some direction to them.

4) make a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. 

I find that once you have a plan for filming videos and publishing them, life is alot easier. Especially, if like me you work and you blog as well. My plan is to publish on Tuesday and Saturday (filming on Sat and Thursday). 

5) Be yourself! 

It is nerve wracking when you you first record and film, alot of us go down the cheeky and over dramatic road. Calm down and imagine that you are talking to a friend. Not the internet. You will soon loosen up and forget that the camera is there! 

These are just a few tips. 

I could go on all day, but I'm not the one that has to read them. 

Let me know if you have made the journey to Youtube and please watch the vlogs above. Don't forget to sub to the channel! 



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Stephanie said…
I have evil within on Xbox one, should have reserved my ammo a bit better. Oops. Great blog post!
Becky Russell said…
I have yet to play past chapter one..... but I'm sure when I do I'll record it haha

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