250 posts and a return from absence.

Hello beautiful people, 

I hope that you are all enjoying lovely long weekend ( UK and USA), I know that I have enjoyed having some time to catch up with family and friends. 

Welcome to the 250th post on this humble blog! 

I felt that I should write a post explaining my absence from Hideaway (both blogging and gaming), it was not intentional. 

If you read the blog regularly or watch the channel, you will know that I have had a major life event recently happen to me. 

I recently moved home. Now this as you may already know is an incredibly stressful process. 

You have to deal with packing, moving your stuff, cleaning the old place, handing back the keys.  You have to await the final inspection (if you are renting) and hope that you get your deposit back. 

 Then in the new place you need to unpack and deal with the unexpected (for us this was repairs because of the neglect of the previous tennant). Now this was also managed whilst holding now a full time job.  ( I might write a post in the future about my experience and some lessons that I learnt.... but I need some time to reflect first) 

So naturally after we were all moved in, we both wanted some time to enjoy it.

 This lead to a bit of time off from blogging and Vlogging... although I still did tough mudder.  I could see people subscribing on here and on youtube but I knew that I needed to give my head some space. 

I don't think that it was the physical adjustment for me, I think that it was the mental adjustment..... I felt like I needed time to call this place home. I needed to feel like it wasn't just a fairytale or a holiday (as I was deeply unhappy in the old place). 

I am glad to say that I believe myself to be well and truly out the other side! I have missed blogging so I am happy to announce that there is some lovely new content coming ;)

For example there is :

The one year celebration of the Youtube Channel 
The May review for the blog
The Start of the Summer Beauty Bloggers Brawl ( if you recall I did this over the winter and it seemed to do really well) 
We have bought a lot more games for Hideaway Gaming as well

Let me know what you have been up to! 




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