A few Random Jewellery Finds

Hi everybody, 

So I am currently sitting in a rather empty flat, waiting for the British gas man to finish the boiler. 

I would like to say thank you to the lovely response to my latest video:

You can check it out below if you haven't already. 

I have been filming a video to show all the changes as they happen in the new flat and the old... but I thought that I would write a little post to show some of the jewellery that I love. 

Jewellery for me is the main memory trigger. I can remember where and when I got them. I have been looking through my boxes and smiling this afternoon... SO i figured that I would show you a few pieces. Some of the stories are a little bit personal so I will just describe a bit about where they came from: 

So these delicate little earrings have come from Primark. I got them on a shopping day with my friend in town. Its funny that I have picked butterflies after ripping down loads of decorations (check the channel on Tuesday aha. I currently have them in, I love the how light they are on the ear. 

I love this little New Look robot. I bought it as I wanted something cheap but snazzy to wear on a night out. I love the detail on the ring, his little tie and his little Moustache. 

Again, as with the Robot Ring. I bought this for a night out. I wanted something with a little bit of colour on it. I love this New look ring because, while it is larger, it isn't heavy. I was original out off costume jewellery style rings for this reason. 

This next ring was a gift from my Mother. A ruby.... my birthstone :). I think the teardrop shape makes the ring feel slightly unique. 

This ring again is a gift from my mother. You can't really tell from the picture but the ring is infact a little purple. I need to get it resized as it is slightly small for my fingers haha. 

This next piece, I used to wear every single day to Sixth form.... 

My little Topshop CD necklace. I used to live it so much. Sadly my sense of style has changed a bit and I now wear my Pearl Pocketwatch. But I still have fond memories of it and I have no doubt that I will enjoy it again... I love the long chain on it. 

Next is a pendant, again from my mother. It may shock you to know that Becky is not my real name but its in fact a shorted version of Rebekah - Mary. My mother in vain has tried for years to get me to embrace my first name. In the last year or so, I have come to appreciate my name but I still go by Becky on here and at work ahaha

Last but not least is my Pandora Bracelet and charms. My favourite is the London Bus and the Blue bead charm. I am so lucky that Luke bought these for me. I also have some spiritual charms and one to represent Boots and Diego. 

So thats it for now, there will be a video also featuring these pieces on Tuesday :) 

Have a great weekend and let me know what you are up to! 



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