Hello everybody. 

As you can tell my Little Hideaway project turned one year old today (9th May 2016). 

I honestly cannot believe that it has been a year since I first decided to create this little blog. 

It took alot of courage to put digital pen to paper, but it is a decision that I do not regret. My first ever post is on this link . Its a bit of a rant, but everyone has to start somewhere! 

The blog has opened many different doors, be it for reviews, collaborations and even creatively. 

It has also helped me to channel my nervous energy into something creative and something positive. 

I have spoken about a whole manner of personal topics... from Anxiety, depression, previous relationships and body image. I have also recently put these on film. 

I decided that I would think back to a year ago and to how my life was, lot of things have changed for me..... Professionally, my living location has changed, I have a new car and I think that my head is in alot better place. 

Hideaway started as a student blog... it then became a beauty and lifestyle blog... it then started to touch on fashion and then my geeky side started to show with game reviews.....

I wouldn't change this little corner of the internet (and matching channels for anything), I also wouldn't change you readers for anything. 

If you had told me that I would have over 1100 subs and 16,000 views in the first year, I would have just stared at you blankly.  My first posts, originally got no more than 10 views (although I can see some of you going back for a cheeky read) 

Thank you for reading Hideaway and repeatedly coming back. I try to engage as much as possible on here and on the matching social media accounts. I wouldn't have kept this going if it wasn't for you reader. 

So honestly... thank you

(I am extremely tired from deep cleaning my old flat... so I will leave it here (more will follow tomorrow ) 

I am going to sleep a very happy girl 

Life is on a definite high right now 



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