It all leads up to tomorrow

Hello everyone, 

So its tomorrow. 

D- Day

Well its not that bad, but this time tomorrow I will be aching a whole load.

 Tomorrow at 11am, I will be running the Tough Mudder Obstacle course with a bunch of people from my work. This is something that we have been planing for the last couple of months. 

With the house move as well, time kinda accelerated towards the day. But I am glad that it is here. All the obstacles look a whole load of fun. There are 14 in total over a distance of 5 miles. 

I will update both the blog and the youtube channel with pictures and videos so you can see how messy I get and you can laugh at my pain. 

I guess at the moment, its back to carb loading and relaxing tonight. Nice early night so that I can banish the fears that I seem to be irrationally developing. 

What is for sure is that I am going to attempt to give it my all and to aid recovery I have a stack of Lush bath products and Superdrug face masks! 

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More to come tomorrow 



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