Tough Mudder Midlands Half 2016 (Exclusive Pictures included)

Hello everybody, 

So I am overjoyed to announce that I indeed completed the Tough Mudder Course on Saturday. I originally signed up In January so it felt like it was a long time coming. 

I had tried to go Running as much as I could and the week before, I tried to eat clean and eat enough protein. 

However the morning of the event, I don't think that I have ever been so nervous in my life. 

I am lucky that I was in a team of 13 other people that all felt the same. I don't think that any of us truly knew of what was to come. 

5.5 Miles and 15 obstacles of mud mud mud. 

I thought that it would be fun to share some pictures. 

Firstly, this was the before pictures.....

I decided to opt for basic makeup and a simply braid and ponytail. What is interesting is that my Barry M eyeliner and Mascara stayed on the whole time, despite the fact that my eyes were caked in mud and muddy water. 

These are the after shots..... as you can see my shirt changed colour from baby blue to green. Although now it is back to Baby blue. I was so tired, cold and exhausted, but none of that mattered because I had finished a challenge that I thought was impossible the months leading up to the event. 

I wore my white headband with pride - you only get one if complete the course along with the finisher t-shirt. 

There is a team video that is going to be uploaded to youtube so that you can see us doing the course (as obviously you can't take pictures around the course!)

I can;t wait to it again next year.....

The downside of such a physical challenge is that your body aches a whole load so I thought that I would show you my recovery plan ( as luckily I feel better already) 

The morning after : 

The evening after : 
(Lush's Pink Macroon) 

Super drug's Chocolate Orange self- heating Mask 

Superdrug's Hand and Nail cream and Soap and Glory's Heel Genius

My back to work face on Monday.....

 I am so happy that I did this challenge and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for everyone's kind words and encouragement. 

I will be doing the Race for Life 5km Race in two weeks next :) 

There will be a further post in Friday about Tough Mudder when the video goes live :) 

Videos on the channel will resume on Saturday (now I don't feel like death anymore ahah )




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