Upcoming Charity events !

Hiya everybody. 

So I am sitting at the start of a rather busy day....

I am in the middle of filming a main channel Vlog and I will also be filming one for the gaming channel this evening.

I thought that in the middle of talking about Tough Mudder on the new video that I should write a post to announce all the new events that I will be taking part it. 

The events are the following : 

On Sunday, I shall be be running a 5K face called the Race of Life in Northampton on behalf of Cancer Research UK.

On 25th of June, I shall be Walking 17 miles on the South Coast called Stand up to Blood Cancer. This is on behalf of Bloodwise and Antony Nolan. 

July may have an event with work planned - but this is to be confirmed. 

In August, Luke and I will be running a 12 K race (The Iron Run) with (40 obstacles) in Kettering and also (maybe) we might be running a 5K survival course devised by Bear Grills. 

In September, We will also be running another similar race in Cambridge. This one is called the Wolf Run. 

So as you can see - a busy couple of months ahead. I have made sure that I have kept up with my training.... but I'm still rather nervous. 

It is true what they say though, when you get the bug for something, you keep going.  I am going to try and film the race on Sunday as its not as long as the Tough Mudder was and its a lot easier location wise. 

I hope that you all enjoy the rest of the bank holiday, be it rain or shine where you are....

I shall post both videos on here when they are uploaded. 

Until then, 



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