We've Finally done it / April Review!

Hi Everybody, 

Its been a while since my last blog. 

It's happened all you Hideawayers..... 

We've FINALLY moved into our new flat. I am finally sitting in my new living room with my patio doors open, enjoying the summer breeze. 

I managed to document the move in this handy little Vlog: 

I also included some beauty, gaming and Fashion finds that I made during the move ( I couldn't write them all into posts as we were without internet for five days) 

We hand the keys back to the old place tomorrow (which is also the first year anniversary of Hideaway (but another post will follow tomorrow in regards to that :) )

Its now time to put the month of April to review. 

Aside from the above, these are the months highlights : 

§ The creation of a new youtube channel : Hideaway Gaming 
§ The main channel reached 1,600 views 
§ The blog reaches 16,000 views 

Favourite posts of the month 

Favourite Vlogs of the month : 

Main Channel: 

Boyfriend tag 

Whats in my Handbag tag :

Gaming Channel : 

The Evil within Chapter 1 : 

So yeah, Tomorrow is a massive milestone for the blog.... one year. 

One year since I decided to take the leap and start this little hobby. 

I have something planned for tomorrow, so I shall not say too much.....

Let me know what you are up to! 




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Stephanie said…
Congrats on your new place!!

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