A little catch up with you all


So I thought that I would write a little post at the end of the Beauty Brawl. 

I am currently sitting here enjoying the end of a decent thunder storm.  

I've had a rather good today today, we got to watch the England game at work which was lovely. 

Especially as we won (after what felt like the longest game ever... ah well we will enjoy it while it lasts ) . 

I thought that I should write this post as I felt as though the brawl  took over my blogging time and my video time, however I honestly didn't mind it at all. 

I missed doing beauty posts for so long, but the lifestyle took over as my life got busier. 

So at the end of the brawl, regular traffic will resume. 

I have some exciting stuff planned for the next couple of weeks, we also will be participating in the Stand up to blood cancer charity walk in a week so I am looking forward to being able to share the experience with you all. 

I thought that I would also take this opporutiny to remind you that I have still been uploading blogs to the Youtube channels and you can see them below :) 

Gaming Channel : 

Sims 4 series : Create and meet the Sim! 

Uncharted 4 : A thiefs end Walkthrough

Main Channel:

Race for Life 2016 and two announcements :

Thanks again 


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