A year of Youtubing

Hello everyone, 

Today marks another anniversary for Hideaway. 

(Me a year ago...)

The main channel that accompanies the blog (Hideaway Blogging) is a year old today. It really does boggle the mind to think that time is flying so fast. 

I remember filming the video like it was tomorrow. It is one of few that I remember second by second because I edited it so carefully and I debated for hours as to whether to upload it or not. 

I chose something that I was really passionate about: 

For me it was perfume of all things. I literally have about 50 bottles and in the old flat I had them all neatly arrange on the windowsill. I now have to store them away which is slightly heartbreaking as I love perfume bottles.... old and new. 

The video is below for you to enjoy. When I see it, I immeditaely think of how young I look and how nervous I look. 

I also question why my hair style is still the same :/ 

I also filmed this day in the life vlog a year ago (but uploaded it the day after). When I look back at it, I realised that this is a pointless vlog as nothing really happens. But I like it because it really shows the level of excitement that I had for both this blog and the new channel that is taking life. 

Things have changed in a year... I have learnt how to edit, how to be cutthroat in material. I have learnt about the importance of flowing content and I have also took on a second channel. 

I have a new camera and my confidence has grown. 

But I think that the most important thing is that..... I still get a little buzz from the upload button. I am still loving this little hobby of mine still ;)

If you are debating about filming that first video. Do it. What do you have to lose?  

Thank you for a great year. Here is to the next one! 



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    Snapchat : Beckydoodah


congratulations on your vlogiversary!!!!

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