EXCLUSIVE PICS : Hastings Trip and Vlog

Hello everyone, 

So I have just returned from a busy weekend at the coast of England. 

I participated in a Charity event called Strikeback against Blood Cancer. This is the event that I have been talking about the last six months so its nice for it to finally be here. 

It was a 17 mile walk from Wye to Canterbury Cathedral. The route was by no means easy and I was the official video and picture taker! 

The footage will be uploaded to the main channel on Thursday and Sunday. 

We did manage to adventure to the sea and around the town. 

In the meantime, I have just uploaded a behind the scenes vlog : 

I thought that I would upload the pictures of our adventure here so that they are exclusive to the blog! 

Thats it for today. 

I think that its time for some dinner :)

Until next time! 



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