June Beauty Favourites and a change in the hair

OHello everyone, 

Sunday fun day. 

First off, Happy Fathers day to all of you that are celebrating today. Make sure that you all make contact with your Papa and tell him how much you appreciate him. 

I myself, have been really looking forward to today for another reason ( I celebrated Fathers Day on Friday)..... I am finally getting my barnet chopped.

 I always leave it way too long between appointments and I really need to get better at this. I really want to grow it longer as it was at the start of the blog. 

I cut it down so that I would look smart for Mums wedding last year, but I think that I went a little too extreme last year. 

I will include one of my first videos so you can see how it used to be 

So today was the big day.  I include the before and after for you to enjoy.

 I decided to get my side fringe cut back in as I do like a cheeky side parting. 

I am also looking into dying my hair again, but I have probably picked the worst time of year, as my hair always goes a lot lighter at due to the summer sun.

But I feel like it is definitely time for the change..... 

Now for the rest of the post, I would normally be giving you my beauty favourites for this month.

However this month has been slightly unique due to my participation in the Summer Beauty Bloggers Brawl.

Through this I got to encounter many different types of product, some that I never would have thought to pick up originally. 

I loved some of them and I didn't like some of them. 

There are ten separate blog posts for you to enjoy, although if you don't fancy reading them (And I would't blame you), I have recorded a video and uploaded it today so you can see all the products, up close and personal plus there is less reading. 

I hope you enjoy it! 

Let me know if you have enjoyed any of these products! I shall link the beauty brawl below.... the post I link, also links to all the others!

Thanks and have a great end to the weekend! 


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