Summer Beauty Blogger's Brawl : Day Nine - BB Cream

Hello Everybody. 

Its time for day nine of the Brawl. 

Today we are all reviewing BB Cream / Tinted Moisturiser. 

 Lipsticks are something that I have really gotten into over the past year. 

Again, this is a product that I haven't really used before. I generally just tended to stick to face cream and then the foundation separately. 

I chose Rimmel London's BB Cream - Beauty Balm in very light 

On the packaging the product claims to Prime, Moisturise , minimises pores, conceals , covers, smoothes, Matifies, Brightens and protects. 

I found that after the using the product, my face felt brighter and I felt more confident. I also could feel when I hadn't used it. 

I love the fact that there is some sun protection thrown into it. 

I took some swatches below of before and and after. 

I would definitely repurchase as it has definitely shown me that one product can really help my face and also can do more than one thing! 

Thats it for now

Please remember to go over to Kara's Blog for her BB Cream review. 





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