Summer Beauty Blogger's Brawl : Day One - Facemasks


Hello everybody 

Time for the second post of the night. 

Welcome to the first day of the Summer Beauty Bloggers Brawl. 

(you can read a little intro on my previous post Over on this link

As an introduction, I thought that I would list all the other bloggers below, so that you can checkout what they have to offer also. 

For the rest of the ten days , I will be linking to my Blogging buddy. 

So for my choice of Facemask - I bought The 'Don't Look at Me ' Fresh Face Mask by Lush.

                                                   First impressions were good, due to the colour of the product and the lemon smell that it produced. The texture of the product is a little rough as the product has rice inside of it. 



After 15 mins, I washed it off. 

First bit of advice, don't scrub too much to get it off. As I mentioned there is rice in the product and the mask kinda becomes an exfoilator. 

Second : please remember to keep the product in the fridge ... I've seen some tragic pictures of what happens if you don't .....

Third. I only used about a 10th of a pot, so I feel as though it is good value for money. Plus it smells great and you turn a really cool colour

All in all, its a really good product.... I was a little worried about splashing £8 when I was used to 99p . ... but the product is totally worth it. Plus I love the fact that it is from an ethical company that does not experiment on animals! 

I hope you enjoyed todays review and please remember to check out all the other bloggers above! 




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Leigh Brady said…
Lush is my fave! I've never tried this product before though but sounds great! x

Stephanie said…
I have yet to try lush and I really want to. Their bath bombs always look amazing.
Becky Russell said…
The mask is really good. It's just a bit more of a cost up front. But it is really worth it. My face is really soft still today :)

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