Summer Beauty Blogger's Brawl : Day Ten - Lip Balm

Hello Everybody. 

Its time for day ten of the Brawl. 

Today we are all reviewing Lip Balm 

This is probably my most used lip product as I suffer with badly chapped lips.

 I literally hate it when this happens and I find my self hurting my lips in the attempt to get rid of the chappedness. 

I literally have about 15 different Valeslines on the go at one time. 

I chose Rimmel London's Kate Lip Balm in 01 Clear. 

I was quite lucky in the respect that I got this one for free. 

A little tip for those in the UK, at the time of this post going to publish.... if you spend above £8 at Superdrug, you get a free Kate Moss Lip balm :) 

I love the fact that the product is in a little lipstick tube as its rather pretty and its rather durable. I love that it can fit in quite nicely in my lipstick collection. 

The product its self is a clear chapstick in the shape of a regular lipstick. Nothing groundbreaking. 

The effect however of it is lasting, I have been using the product soley since I bought it and my lips have never been softer. My only critique is that the feel of shininess on my lips wears away very quickly so wear as my lips feel soft they dry really quickly. 

I would highly recommend it, however it hasn't turned me from my beloved Vaseline.

So today marks the end of the Summer Beauty Brawl. Its been ten days of beauty products and fun. It's kind of sad to think that its over as the other bloggers have been really friendly and encouraging. 

Please remember to check out the other bloggers and don't forget that you can find the previous days post below.

Please remember to go over to Kara's Blog for her Lip Balm review. 

There will be a video being filmed and published on Saturday on the main channel, so you can see the products a little bit closer: 

Thanks again 


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