Summer Beauty Blogger's Brawl : Day Three - Primer

Hello Everybody. 

Its time for day three of the Brawl. 

Today we are all reviewing Primers. 

I always get a little nervous when it comes to Primers. This is due to one simple fact, that I have really sensitive skin and the smallest thing can set it all red and blotchy. 

The product that I chose to review is Barry M's Flawless, original Primer 

If you watch my videos, or have seen my reviews before. Then you will know that Barry M are one of my go to brands. I know that I can blindly buy a product and that I will love it. 

I have tried this primer for the last couple of weeks and I can honestly say that I love it. 

It is light on the skin, soft and it smells really good.  It managed to keep my makeup looking freshly applied throughout an entire race. I must admit that I don't wear a lot on my skin, just foundation, blusher, bronzer and setting powder.

It claims on the bottle that it is for all skin types (its certainly complements my fussy skin) and for 4 pound I think that it is worth an investment. Especially if you aren't sure whether to go for it. 

Thats it for tonight 

Please remember to go over to Kara's Blog for her Primer Review. 




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